Secret Hero Project - Starter Kits

Secret Hero Project - Starter Kits

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This Secret Hero Starter Kit includes everything you need to participate in The Secret Hero Project:

  • 1 Hero’s Journey Bandana
  • 9 Starter Postcards + 3 Blank Postcards
  • 1 Instruction Card
  • 10, 1” Hero’s Journey Buttons

Available as Single Kits (1 ct) Family Set (4 ct) or Class Set (25 ct).  Great for Family and Class Projects!


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The Secret Hero Project is an experimental art project designed to showcase everyday Hero Moments hidden all around us.  Inspired by Frank Warren’s PostSecret project launched in 2005 and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey narrative, here’s how it works:

  1. Take a postcard.
  2. Tell us about your Secret Hero moment.  Your moment can describe any part of the Hero’s Journey that you are experiencing or observing in others.  Because it is anonymous, you can reveal ANYTHING as long as it’s true and you haven’t shared it with anyone else before.  We’ve included 9 starter postcards with questions on the front to help you get started.
  3. After you are done, simply stamp and mail the postcard to the address on the back.


  • Be Brief – the fewer the words used, the better.
  • Be Legible – use big, clear and bold lettering.
  • Be Creative – cover the entire front of the postcard – let it be your canvas.

THE CHALLENGE:  See a Hero.  Be a Hero.

1 Hero (that’s you!).  9 Secret Moments.  and 1 Year.  Will you be my Secret Hero?


Ava (age 8)

Co-Founder, The Secret Hero Project



Living heroically doesn’t have to be big and dramatic.  Heroic acts are not exclusively reserved for muscular men in capes or mutants.  Observing our lives through the lens of the Hero’s Journey helps us see others and ourselves in new ways…and it is through this simple act, we hope to spread a broader, deeper, more authentic definition of the word “Hero”.


This project will last 1 year and our goal is to collect at least 100 Secret Hero Moments that we can share this time next year.

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